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© 2019 by Heather Hennessy. 

Heather's Path

I have had numerous bio pages, but the one thing they have in common is that they never are able to capture who I really am at my center.  I have walked an incredible and intriguing  life path so far.  What I want you to know about me is that the mess is what made me who I am.  It was during my journey of self discovery that I realized my conditioning was so strong that I needed help in order to break free, so I could return back to the real me.  And here I am, ready to help you do the same! I have worked with athletes, women, and children.  My desire is to continue my work and help empower whoever feels called. I am passionate at being of guidance during your own transition and growth experience of transformation.


I have been around it all, I have been blessed to have had some tremendous training and help along the way that I am ready to share.  Many people come to me and explain that they are struggling right now.  I have been there too. This is why I feel uniquely qualified to do this work and empower you. I used to have qualifying times in track for the Olympics.  I even reached my goal of receiving a letter from every college in the country with my choice of pick where to attend.  That was until I listened to what other people wanted of me, instead of what I wanted, and I jumped off a cliff and broke my back.  During that time I had to learn how to recover, a theme that continued up until I decided to get a divorce.  Then I set on a path that helped me realize it was my childhood which set me up perfectly for the disease to please.  Having worked in sports television and being a part of professional sports this pattern perpetuated.  Although, I looked strong on the outside, I wasn't embodying that on the inside fully.  Our conditioning is so strong that it's hard to break free from these patterns. Yet, the only way to truly discover lasting happiness is to do this work and heal so that you can be empowered to fly free.

I can't convey everything I need to say here. I feel this way daily now with social media that it doesn't do justice for who I really am or what I want to give.  Do you ever feel that way? In a world that sets us up to leave ourselves behind, I am ready to help you discover real empowerment, strength, and love for yourself.  After a lot of deep inner labor on myself, I am excited to start focusing on you! We all hold Spiritual Strength™, but it's not easy anymore to find it amongst the chaos.  My background is athletics, but my core has always been spiritual.  Here I merge the two and have created what I feel the perfect balance is for life on Earth during this time.  Spiritual Strength™, is about embodying your physical home and body that you were given for this lifetime, while healing all aliments so you can ascend your spiritual self.  My will and inner strength far surpasses what I have been able to do as an athlete, television personality, or anything else. Your strength is rooted in your spirit and with some guidance and help you can deeply transform.  


Light and Love, Heather